Saturday, January 19, 2008

Baba’s Pravachan - Guidance

Baba’s Pravachan


  1. Those who step in shirdi, their sufferings will end
  2. Those who steps the of Dwarakmai, misery will leave them
  3. I will be vigilant and watchful even after leaving this body
  4. My Samadhi will bless and take care of my devotees
  5. I will be active and concerned even from my tomb
  6. Consider me to be alive, always and recognize my presence
  7. I am always there for people who need me and seek refuge in m
  8. If you look to me I look after you
  9. If you cast your burden on me I will bear it
  10. If you seek my help, it shall be yours at once
  11. There shall be no want in the house where I am

Om Anantakotti Bhramaandanayak Rajhathiraj Yogiraj Prabhrama

Sachitidhananad Swaroop Sri Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai !!!!

Shirdi Sai Baba never made any claim to teaching and preaching anything in particular. This is why there is no structured siddanth,or course, on baba's teachings and faith. More and More people are attracted to him because of his very simplicity of his faith. His Philosophy is above mantras, vratas, poojas and rituals. All he desires is that we offer our hearts, mind and ego to him. Then the five senses will lose their powers over us and we will be able to progress spiritually and away from the worlds miseries. Shirdi is the pure Bhoomi were god in the form of Sai Baba, manifested himself, stayed and showed his leelas. Sai Baba is thus unique.

Sai baba had no formal Name, no family to which his origin could be traced and no lineage to which he can be ascribed. He left no order, no direct discipline or dogma and has no incarnation. Most importantly, he also did not limit himself to reigion

In this sai note book I do attempt to understand him and read through some day in day out activities and sometimes his kadas and many times his devotion as well try to do a blog exclusive on Vishnu sahasra naama....I do share my sai in diffrent perspective or dimensions in those areas. this is a common content page for all my other blogs

Is sai my food? is sai my breath? is sai my life? I don’t know but I want to be with my sai always...

Aum Sairam


Raghav said...

superb work.
your blog will grow up well...
take care.
god bless.

akilakalai said...
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Kuldeep Lakra said...

sabka malik ek.

Baba is really true so take name of baba